Powerweave Studio offers the most unique photography solutions ranging from high-end commercial and editorial photography to the most volume and processed driven ecommerce solutions. Unlike traditional model, we believe in “Everything in house and deployed full time” as the foundation of our operations. This approach has laid us to create 2 photography studios in Mumbai add measuring 6000 sq.ft. and  a smaller replica of the same in Los Angeles to achieve the global connect with the high-tech modular studio design, the premises could be a set of palace on one day, garden the next day, city mall the day after and then transforming to 6 ecommerce photography bays for the rest of the week. With no dependency on any outside factor (infrastructure, equipment's or human resource), we can respond to any requirement faster and better than any other production house with turnkey solution. A qualified team of stylists & designers along with well-trained studio assistants support the photography crew to produce impeccable quality out of our cameras which is further enhanced by the in-house retouching team to leave the clients with all comforts and no hassles